Rank: S
Power: 3,003
Life: 28,651
Speed: 3,465
Trait: Immune to Instant Death

Demise is a just great supportive monster with a game changing move. In fact, in overview, she has recently been moved up to S class because of her amazing skills!


Demise has some really great moves and traits, and doesn't often fail. In fact, she holds one of the best moves ever - that allows her to give double damage AND an extra turn to the teammate. This can be great with Caillech, Baba Yaga, Rador, The Ringer, Ouros, and on and on.


  • "Strength from Beyond" is just amazing
  • Special is great
  • Lots of Random Effects
  • Regen all allies
  • Allies can be as slow as they want


  • Random Effects is risky
  • No very good stats
  • Most moves do very little damage



  • Strength From Beyond
  • The Light Within
  • Draining Light
  • When Light Corrupts
  • 3 Speed Runes

This set is where Demise becomes the ultimate support. This is where random effects, double damage, and regeneration come into play. "Strength from Beyond" gives an ally double damage and an immediate turn, making that her best move undoubtedly.


When playing against demise, you want to get rid of her as quickly as possible, or find a way to prevent her from using "Strength from Beyond" (Freeze, Stun, Possession... exc). Caillech, Eggeater, and General Thetys can be a great help to stop demise. Metal elements can also be a help, try Metalhëad or Annihilator R2 for best results.