Rank: C
Power: 3,311
Life: 25,334
Speed: 3,234
Trait: Blind Immunity

Darkzgul is the creepy Dark-type breedable legend and was especially a well-trained dealer.

Overview Edit

Darkzgul is the breedable, bloodsucking beatstick of old days, cause he have many ways, to deal nightmares, steal the live of the enemies team and reduce their damage, while he has a high power to do hard hits.

I give him a C rank because if you use him well and with the right runes, he can be dangerous.


  • His speed and power are good
  • very good skills to attack and heal-self
  • Low cooldowns
  • Most of his moves don't need much of stamina
  • His special skill can save his butt when he drains the live of every enemy and heals himself


  • Its health is decent, but not great.
  • His trait is useless, cause it protects Darkzgul from blind (most of monsters, which blind their enemies are Light-type monsters, which can often one-hit him)

 Counters Edit

Light legends like Lux Aura or Valgar the Pure will beat him down easily. Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Breedable Legendaries Catégorie:Dark Monsters Catégorie:Blind Immunity