1. Dr Count Vlad is elegant , polite and a murderer..... but not in battles !

Overview Edit

Count Vlad is an attacker same as most of all dark monsters. However he is a bit more of a drainer as an attacker as he can heal himself while attacking. He can possess and his stats give him a good role in the game. That's why he is in A- rank. However he has got some flaws that stop him from reaching higher ranks. For example, he got big cooldowns and he is quite vulnerable to stun and freeze.


  • He can possess
  • He can steal life
  • His trait is good
  • His stats together are good


  • His power is a little bad
  • He got tons of cooldowns
  • He is able to be stunned and frozen
  • Cain

Recommended Movesets Edit

Out of blood !

  • Out of blood / Consumed blood
  • Horror gaze
  • Late night snack
  • Revenant possession / Consumed blood
  • 3 power runes

Count Vlad is based on damage. His Out of blood skill does serious damage while stealing life by 100% with high level runes if he has 1 life left and he does this move, he will come back to full life. Late night snack does solid special damage while making target bleed, Horror gaze is his skill that hits all and makes them suffer nightmares which is always good . Finally Revenant possession is the skill that possesses and enemy and reduces it's power. Even if it seems a crap to reduce the power, possession is always good and may turn a whole battle for you.

Counters Edit

Count Vlad really hates Timerion. So he is a good monster to use against Count Vlad. Being a dark type monster makes him weak to light and using Lux Aura here is very good. Also freezing him until he dies is a great deal.