Cloud, the ferocious war kitten and honorable pet stead to Patrion. His main role is to be a supporting shield-and-status-applier, equipped with useful stuff such as team shields, self-taunt, ally-Double Damage, and Protection.


  • "Bulky Attacker" stats
  • Good trait
  • Team AoE 50% Shield
  • Team AoE Negative status effect removal
  • Team AoE Light + Special Protection
  • 75% shield + Taunt to itself
  • 'Double Damage + Extra-turn to single ally' is so good
  • 50% chance AoE Stun
  • Nice Special
  • Low-ish cooldowns


  • It's the second slowest light-type legendary monster in the entire game [so far]. Its' speed stat is so horrid, only Arch Knight is worse in terms of speed stat.
  • Devours stamina like how I devour pizza
  • It's an exclusive monster.

Recommended Moveset:

  • Charge With Me (Double Damage + Extra-turn to single ally, 3-turn cooldown)
  • Trained Beast (Team AoE 50% Shield + Negative status effect removal, 2-turn cooldown)
  • Battle Tiger/ Greyclaw Swing (Tiger for 70 Special dmg + Stun w/ 2-turn cooldown, Greyclaw for 40 Special AoE dmg + 50% chance AoE Stun w/ no cooldown)
  • Hotheaded/ Pack Protector (Hotheaded for 55 Light dmg + Team AoE Negative status effect removal w/ 1-turn cooldown, Pack for 75% Shield + Taunt to itself w/ 2-turn cooldown)

Recommended Runes: 1 Strength, 1 Health, 1 Speed/ 2 Strength, 1 Health/ 3 Strength