Rank: S-
Power: 3,454
Life: 30,461
Speed: 3,388
Trait: Immunity to Instant Death

Social Point realised after awhile that they had very few nature legendaries, and of those only 4, (The Judgement, Sarah, Cyan Natura, and Laomu) Were good. So they produced 9, and maybe more on the way, legendaries. Clivia is by far the best one.


At first glance, Clivia seems like an average nature monster except with REALLY good stats. But then you realise that there movesets are almost the best ever. They have 3 100% lifesteal moves, 3 healing damage boost moves, and 1 nature weakness move. It takes a while to choose from these moves, so there are tons of combinations!


  • Amazing healing
  • Monstersynthesis is amazing
  • Best Nature
  • Meh Trait
  • Amazing Stats
  • Can easily be leveled up for lower levels
  • Life steal


  • Only does stuff to itself
  • Cooldowns
  • Not Strong
  • Ok Speed


Bulky and Dangerous

  • Monstersynthesis
  • Venus Monstrap
  • Drosera Binata
  • Meatsynthesis
  • 3 Strength Runes

This is the Clivia that has a 70 damage AOE lifesteal and double damage. This is the powerhouse attacker and healer.

Life Stealer

  • Monstersynthesis
  • Cobra Lilly/Meatsynthesis
  • Sundews
  • Venus Monstrap
  • 3 Speed Runes

This is the Clivia that only steals life. This is if you want a constant healing tank that does not focus on damage.

Buff me up!

  • Monstersynthesis
  • Meatsynthesis
  • Slow Photosynthesis
  • Venus Monstrap
  • 2 Strength 1 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength

This is the Clivia that will keep on regenerating and giving itself double damage. Venus Monstrap is the main hitter that does 70 AOE damage with lifesteal and, if done right, double damage. This could be a tank - but is mostly used to stay alive.


Clivia is a very hard monster to defeat, but is fairly rare. If you see a decently leveled one with good support - you should just avoid it all together. If you have to fight it, Rador is a good burning monster and Baba Yaga can prevent Clivia from healing. Mystery can be very useful for freezing and possessing Clivia also, though Caillech would be a better choice.