Blob is one of the best Stamina Removal monsters in the game. He is even better now that Socialpoint made him breedable because of TeamAFKk winning the Olympus Grand Prix!


Blob has only one gimmick, but he does it very well. He has tons of Stamina Removal moves, which stops most enemies from attacking. While it isn't as good as Freeze or Possession, Stamina Removal has an advantage: only a few monsters can counter it. The enemies can also use their special moves if they get lucky. However, Blob has multiple flaws. He has awful Life, and a terrible Trait. Lastly, Blob can't do much other than removing stamina, which makes him limited and very predictable. Still, Blob is so good at his job, he managed to be AA rank, a very respectable rank.


  • Stamina Removal is amazing as only a few monsters are immune to it
  • Fantastic Speed
  • AoE 50% Stamina Removal
  • 100% Stamina Removal
  • Special skill is great
  • Breedable, so you can rank him up easily


  • Low Health
  • Bad Trait
  • Large cooldowns on best skills
  • Enemies can get their Special, ignoring the Stamina Removal
  • Other than self-Damage Boost to himself, he can't do anything other than removing stamina
  • Out-ranked by BOTH General Thetys and Sparking Mantis in the stamina part
  • Bronze relics counter him

Recommended MovesetEdit

Bye-bye Stamina!

  • Liquid Slaps (45 Special dmg + 25% Stamina Removal w/ 28s, no CD)
  • Liquid Shards (AoE 30 Water dmg + 4782
  • mina Removal w/ 35s, 4-turn CD)
  • Wet Shards/Liquid Strokes (Shards for 55 Water dmg + 25% Stamina Removal + Stamina Leak w/ 34s, 2-turn CD) / (Liquid for 60 Special dmg + 50% Stamina Removal w/ 31s, 4-turn CD)
  • Fluid Smash (35 Special dmg + 100% Stamina Removal w/ 28s, 4-turn CD)
  • 3 Speed

Being very fast, you should be able to outspeed most of your opponents. Use Fluid Smash on the enemy denier. Liquid Slaps is your typical no cooldown move which also removes 25% stamina. You want to use that move as the enemy denier might have high Speed Runes or a support with 3 Team Speeds. The last move is up to you. Wet Shards removes 25% stamina and applies stamina leak, which only almost no one is immune to, and Liquid Strokes removes 50% Stamina.


Blob has Energized, which makes him super easy to deny. Any Speed based denier, like Zimnyaya, Krampus, or Jasastur will annihilate him. Blob is also weak to Thunder, so just deny him and then take him out with VoltaiK.