Blob is the stamina devorer monster. He easily is one of the best at doing this job, (Besides Frostbite or General Thetys, but lets forget about them).


Blob has only one job, but he does it extremely well. He basically removes the stamina from all his foes all the time, so they can never attack. It is rather powerful, because it is similar to being frozen/stunned/possessed, except weaker as the special moves remain. However, this job does have an advantage over the others: no monster is immune to it. This means that this may be the best way of getting rid of Timerion. However, Blob has a good number of flaws. For example, his life is really really bad, like one of the worst in the game. Blob also got the Energized trait, which is the second worst in the game right behind Attuned as it only gives more stamina. So all status effects can still affect him, which is extremely bad. Lastly, Blob can't do much other than removing stamina, this makes him limited and very predictable. Still, Blob is so good at his job, he managed to be AA rank, a very respectable rank.


  • Removing stamina is amazing as no monster is immune to that
  • His power and speed are amazing
  • His moves have high power in general
  • His move that remove 50% stamina to all monsters. That is amazing.
  • He can remove 100% of stamina to target
  • His special skill is great to remove stamina
  • Damage boost skill
  • Can remove 25% of stamina with no cooldown
  • Stamina leak
  • He is breedable, so you can rank him up easily


  • Low Health
  • Bad Trait
  • Large cooldowns on some of his better skills
  • Other than damage boost to himself, he can't do anything other than removing stamina


Bye-bye Stamina!

  • Liquid Slaps
  • Liquid Shards
  • Wet Shards/Liquid Strokes
  • Fluid Smash
  • 3 Speed

Being very fast, you should be able to outspeed most of your opponents. If VoltaiK or Timerion is on the opposing team, use Fluid Smash on them as it will get rid of all their stamina. If not, use Liquid Shards to remove half of your foes' stamina. Liquid Slaps is your typical no cooldown move for Timerion which also removes 25% stamina. You want to use that move as Timerion might be faster, you never know. The last move is up to you. Wet Shards removes 25% stamina and applies stamina leak, which only Timerion is immune to while Liquid Strokes removes 50% stamina right off the bat.


Blob can be affected by all status effects. If you outspeed him, this shouldn't be a problem like at all. Freeze/stun or possess him and destroy him, easy, therefore Caillech and Frostbite. If you don't outspeed him, he can only either remove 50% stamina to everyone, which means you will still have enough stamina to stop him or remove all stamina to only one monster. That won't be a problem if you got more than one monster that can freeze/stun or possess, which should always be the case in my opinion. Blob is also weak to Thunder. So if you got a thunder monster who outspeeds him Cough VoltaiK Cough.