Rank: S+
Power: 3,476
Life: 28,350
Speed: 3,388
Trait: Nightmares Immunity

Barbatos, the monster from hell itself. This monster is all about damage and power, you won't even have the chance to blink before your entire team gets destroyed by this powerhouse of a monster!

Overview Edit

Barbatos is the most powerful monster in Monster Legends. He's not the best, but he is the who does the most damage as a matter of fact. His power stat is very high and both of his other stats are good. Barbatos has also access to very scary moves which completely destroys monsters in seconds, especially Earth monsters. Barbatos is so powerful, Social Point had to give his attacks recoil in order to not make him broken. That is one of Barbatos' flaws. Even then, he is still feared and very powerful and is ranked S+ on the Viability Ranking.


  • Barbatos is very powerful, dealing more damage than any monster.
  • His typing allows him to tear Earth monsters apart, preventing most of them to tank him.
  • He can boost himself and inflict status effects on top of that.
  • His stats are very good.
  • Master of Pain (his best move) has perfect accuracy.


  • His best moves have recoil, reducing its survivability.
  • He can be stuned and frozen easily. He is also very weak to possession.
  • He is all about damage, making him straightforward and predictable.

Movesets Edit

Master of Pain

  • Master of Pain
  • Hellfire
  • Corrupted Laceration
  • Blood Convenant
  • 2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune/3 Power Runes

Because you want your team immobilizer to go first, only 1 speed rune is enough, as Barbatos only wants more power. 3 Power Runes is also viable if you really want to OHKO anything. Master of Pain is completely deadly having an enormous 90 base power and perfect accuracy. Don't abuse it tho: you lose 30% of your life each time you use it. Blood Convenant should be used in the first place as it gives Barbatos Double Damage (if you really need to be that OP lol) and an Extra Turn, so you can already attack. Hellfire is your typical damage for everyone while also burning. As for Corrupted Laceration, you shouldn't use it very often, but it doesn't have recoil and gives nightmares, which might come in handy.

Counters Edit

Barbatos is going to destroy you if you are not fast enough to outspeed him. Use a fast monster with posession like Eggeater or Laomu. Because he generally uses Power Runes over Speed, you should outspeed him pretty easily. Possess him, freeze or stun him, whatever works. Light Monsters are his weakness and should come in handy on Killing him quickly. Lux Aura is a great counter for Barbatos using her very deadly Anthelion to bring him down. Reflecting damage is also another option. Timerion and Ouros can do the job. Ouros is Earth, so being weak to Dark, he is going to take a lot of damage, so be sure you have Life Runes on him and you will retaliate with extremely high damage. Catégorie:Monsters Catégorie:Dark Monsters Catégorie:Nightmares Immunity