Barbatos, the King of Hell himself. This monster is all about damage and power, you won't even have the chance to blink before your entire team gets destroyed by this powerhouse of a monster!

Overview Edit

Barbatos is one of the hardest hitting monsters in the game. He's not the best, but he has a fantastic damage output. His power stat is quite high and both of his other stats are ok. Barbatos also has access to very scary moves which completely destroys monsters in seconds, especially Earth monsters. Barbatos is so powerful, Social Point had to give his attacks recoil in order to not make him broken. That is one of Barbatos flaws. Even then, he is still feared and very powerful.


  • Barbatos is very powerful, dealing more damage than almost any monster. He is the one of the best dark monsters in the game
  • His Typ allows him to tear Earth monsters apart, preventing most of them to tank him.
  • He can boost himself and inflict status effects on top of that.
  • His power is pretty good.
  • Master of Pain (his best move) has perfect accuracy.
  • 2 Extra turn skills.
  • He is very strong against possession and CDA


  • His best moves have recoil, reducing its survivability.
  • He can be stunned and frozen easily.
  • Quite bad speed and life.
  • Dreadful Trait

Recommended Moveset Edit

Master of Pain

  • Master of Pain (90 Dark Dmg + Self 30% Life Drain 36s)
  • Hellfire (35 AoE Special Dmg + Burn 31s/ 3-Turn Cooldown)
  • Devil Form (Self + Damage Boost + Extra Turn + Self 25% Life Drain 33s/ 1-Turn Cooldown)
  • Blood Convenant (Self + Double Damage + Stamina Regen + Extra Turn + Self 20% Life Drain for 2 Turns 33s/ 1-Turn Cooldown)

Recommmended Runes: 2 Power, 1 Speed; 3 Power

Because you want your team immobilizer to go first, only 1 speed rune is enough, as Barbatos only wants more power. 3 Power Runes is also viable if you really want to OHKO anything. Master of Pain is completely deadly having an enormous 90 base power and perfect accuracy. Don't abuse it tho: you lose 30% of your life each time you use it. Blood Convenant should be used in the first place as it gives Barbatos Double Damage and an Extra Turn, so you can already attack. Hellfire is your typical AoE attack that also applies burning. Use Devil Form + Blood Covalent + Hellfire for and 105 damage AoE or use Master of pain with the 2 extra turn attacks for 270 DAMAGE!!!!

Counters Edit

Barbatos can crush you if you aren’t able to deny him. Using any denier with speed runes will shut him down. Be careful, if you possess him he will use extra turn moves to avoid it, then decimate you. Freeze, Stun or Stamina drain him, whatever works. Light Monsters are a weakness and should come in handy. Lux Aura is a great counter for Barbatos using her very deadly Anthelion to bring him down. Any Light Attacker will decimate him. Reflecting damage is also another option. Timerion and Ouros can do the job. Ouros is Earth, so being weak to Dark, he is going to take a lot of damage, so be sure you have Life Runes on him and you will retaliate with extremely high damage.