Atlas carries the earth on his back... you can Imaginate how strong and solid he is! But with this heavy weight on his back, how will he be fast?

Overview Edit

You can be prepared to face some solid monsters, but are you sure to face them all merged in a single monster? He is a desecrated Ouros, a consecrated General Atum at attacking. You can see how solid he is! Pretty good moves, cool design and does not fear Timerion!


  • Atlas has alot of life and a good amount of power.
  • He has great support moves to use his very high HP.
  • He has little to no trouble taking out VoltaiK if got a high Life Rune.
  • He can shield himself.
  • His special move is just AWESOME, multi heavy damage and MEGA STUN !
  • Low Cooldowns
  • One of the strongest AOE damage dealers
  • A 0 Cooldown move that dazes!


  • Has the absolute worst trait in the game.
  • Cooldowns could suck.

Movesets Edit

I'm Condemned to carry the earth on my back! Not my choice!

  • Meteor Shower
  • Gravitational Pull
  • Concussion Tackle
  • Impact Crater
  • 3 Power Runes/ 2 Power Runes, 1 Life Rune

Atlas got the mighty 50 damage AOE that a few have it! Fits well with 3 Power Runes... Gravitational Pull Gives him Double life, a bit stamina because of his trait and protection, perfect in Common wars. And this skill makes you think of using a Life Rune. Concussion Tackle is your 0 cooldown skill and is a very solid move, 50 damage that's strong against VoltaiK and gives daze, what do you need more? Impact Cracter is also an awesome move, not weak to earth, very nice damage, 1 turn cooldown and stuns!

Counters Edit

Atlas doesn't have any problem with Timerion, but he is able to stun, possess and freeze, so Mommy and Krampus can do some damage being dark types, and immobolize him also. Barbatos and Akhenotep can pack a serious punch too.