Annihilator R2 is working like his name includes....just annihilate

Overview Edit

Annihilator R2 is ranked A in viability ranking as a metal type attacker who can be the best in his element holding excellent stats and great moves to destroy the enemy with a good trait. However, he has some flaws that stop him from reaching better ranks


  • He can stun
  • His moves have decent cooldowns
  • His stats are good
  • Good Trait


  • His life is a little bad

Movesets Edit

Time for Annihilation!

  • Beam jolt / Beam crush
  • Ground eruption
  • Indestructible punch
  • Ground burst
  • 3 power runes

Annihilator R2 is based on damage. His "Beam Jolt" or "Beam Crush" skills both do serious damage while burning or magnetizing target and this helps your indestructible punch to do better damage while stunning enemy. Ground eruption does good special damage while making targets burning, Ground burst is his skill that hits all and makes them suffer magnetize which is always good.

Counters Edit

Annihilator R2 does not really hate anyone. But Timerion can activate his cooldowns. It will only stop Annihilator R2 for only 1 turn so Timerion is not a great deal. Being a metal type monster makes him weak to magic, and using Malair or General Shannara is good to take him out.