Alpha Cliviast, a nature-type pain in the arse with self-recovery moves, death counter moves, and poison + stun. Highly recommend using with a fast monster that has AoE freeze or confusion, such as Zimnyaya or Nishant's Pet.


  • AoE Death Countdown move
  • Life-draining move
  • Good stats
  • Nice special move
  • AoE Poison + Stun move


  • Garbage trait
  • Cooldowns somewhat suck

Recommended Moveset:

  • Toxic Spores (AoE 3-turn Death Countdown. Need I say more?)
  • Venom Spread (AoE Poison + Stun)
  • Absorb Nutrients (Life-draining move w/ 55 nature dmg)
  • Red Chlorophyll (Life-draining move w/ 70 special dmg)

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed/ 2 Strength, 1 Health